How to test internet connection speed

How fast is your Internet connection? Sure, your Internet facility provider has given you some numbers, and your cellular provider maybe says you get blazing fast 4G LTE. But how fast is it, really?

There’s a best chance you’re not getting the Internet connection speed you’re paying for, but perhaps you are. Here’s how to search out.

Internet connection speed

You can’t just trust on the download speeds you see when downloading files and doing other normal things. Download speeds you’ll see depend on a lot of things, comprising the remote server and the figure of “hops” Internet routers in among you and the server. It may not even just be the Internet substructure itself — the remote server may well only want to give you so much download bandwidth, or it may possibly be bogged down.

Instead, you’ll want to test this a bit more scientifically. The ideal would be to search a server nearby you, one that has a big amount of bandwidth available. You could then effort to download from it and upload to it, seeing just how high your download and upload speediness could reach. This makes certain you’d just be measuring the last-mile connection speed among you and your ISP as correctly as possible.

That’s why you need dedicated tackles for measuring your connection speed.

Best Performs for Connection Speed Testing

If you want to get the most accurate end result possible, you can’t just track the tool once without thinking about it. Here’s what you actually need to do:

Make sure You Aren’t Using Your Internet Connection: Is someone else streaming Netflix in the other area, or are you downloading archives via BitTorrent on your computer? Pause all these applications using your link before performing a speed-test. Make sure the speed-test application is the only thing using your connection, and you’ll be able to test it more accurately. If the tool can’t saturate your link, the numbers you’ll see will be low.

Best Performs for Connection Speed Testing

On a smartphone or any other kind of mobile data connection, just ensure your device isn’t downloading or uploading documents in the background.

Test More Than Once: A single measurement isn’t the be-all, end-all of link speeds. Measure more than once, if at all possible at different times during the day. For example, you may have quicker Internet connection speeds during the middle of the night when everybody is sleeping and slower connection speeds in the evening when your fellow citizen are home from work and using their home Internet links.

How to Test Your Connection Speed

The actual process of measuring your link speed is simple. The gold average for this is, and that’s the one we endorse you use. A quick web search reveals numerous other tools, with even Comcast and AT&T offering their own speed-test requests. Using it on your Pc is as simple as visiting the website and clicking the (Begin Test) button.

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