Types of marketing media

Marketing your products or facilities is essential if you hope to sell them and have anextensive user base. If people don’t know you exist, you successfully don’t. Today there are more marketing selections than ever–online, offline and in-person. Your overall purposes, your budget and your target viewers will determine the best ones to use.

marketing selections

Elements of Promotional Mix Kinds of Media Advertising

Print marketing still issues, but it has lost its dominant position as the most real marketing tool in a world of so several choices. Today it should be one of the choices you make to make public what you are selling. Combined with some carefully chosen online outreach, print can deliver cross-generational viewers to whom you can make your case. Some time-tested pattern marketing options are newspaper and fortnightly ads, posters, banners, postcards, direct mail, brochures, ads, flyers, classifieds, placed articles, news issues, free media, trade cards and catalogs.

Mix Kinds of Media Advertising


Television commercials are expensive but still accomplish marking to large numbers of people; spectators for programs are pre-selected niche targets. Radio commercials may be inexpensive than TV but lack the visual impact. Guest arrivals on TV and radio talk and newscast shows are a cost-effective method to get out your message and get known by potential purchasers.

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